I bow down to the genius that is Sacha Baron Cohen

As much as I love that review being at the top of the blog (I think it’s well written…so what if I wrote it) I had to share this…it’s just too damn awesome, and anyway, I only have a few minutes left before I go back to the mining of books.

So it appears that Sacha Baron Cohen, as Bruno, was able to lure Ron Paul into a radio studio that had been made to look like a bedroom, at which point Cohen pulled his pants down. There’s audio at the link. The most telling moment comes as Paul grudgingly admits “But, if he makes a lot of money, I have to permit the market to do this.”

That’s the best.

He clearly doesn’t understand, on any conceivable level, what Cohen (in his various incarnations) is actually doing. Sure, he’s trying to get Ron Paul to get naked with him in a pseudo-bedroom, but that’s only the means by which he exposes the underlying prejudices inherent in all of us. And Paul doesn’t get it at all.

Not one bit.

But Cohen makes hisself some cizash so, as a good, crazy libertarian, Paul must “permit the market” to support him. But then he goes on to say how it’s a shame that someone so crass can be popular. Isn’t that an anti-libertarian sentiment? The market has decided. Cohen is successful. Crassness f’ing rocks! And, sure, crass is a fair assessment of what Cohen does, but it isn’t the totality of what he does…not even the majority.

Hell, you could have called George Carlin crass, but you couldn’t only call him that. He was generally considered one of the most intelligent (if not the most, period) comics of his time, and yet he told a joke about Porky Pig raping Elmer Fudd.

It’s sad, but more and more, subtext is completely lost on people and I really think that’s one of the most telling indictments of our society.

Franz Ferdinand — Feeling Kind of Anxious

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