GNoI – 5-6-08

Here it is, the proud Tuesday edition of GNoI full of all the current industry newsbits and bites and bytes and other punny whatnots. GTAIV coverage is still ongoing as the after effects are being felt a week after the initial launch and of course the build up – but there are other important bits in the news, so without any further adieu let us dive forth and dive into today’s GNoI:

Glenn Beck is back at it again, and Gamepolitics has the roundup on last night’s broadcast where Glenn Beck attempted to usurp information from one of the co-authors of Grand theft Childhood. Beck also whines at the end of the segment with a fervor for the dramatic on par with Jack-y-boy Thompson and Uwe Boll – complete vd seg in the link

In light of much of the debate regarding the effects of vid-games on children, and in particular the astounding media attention that has created the veritable soapbox-giganticus for politicians all over the globe, a surprising turn has come in where an IL (R) Congressman is now boasting a warning for te inherent dangers to our youth in exposure to vid-games, not through GTAIV, but through Second Life
The Dangers of Second Life

Officials of the Miami Transit Authority have made an official response to GamePolitics regarding the pulling of the transit adverts for GTAIV.
Miami Transi Authority talks GTAIV advert Pull with GamePolitics

In related news, via Chicago this time, Take2 is suing the state’s Transit Authority for the pulling of the GTAIV bus-adverts
Take2 Sues Chicago

Joining the ranks of the recent Q1 financial reports from the big majors, Midway is jumping into the loop and have to sadly admit that they have not shown a profitable Q since 1999 – the current loss for this most recent Q1 is $34mUSD(-)
Midway – the new sinking ship

Due to the supreme and apparent failure of the recent Chinese VW’s where their impressively low-numbers have made the usual course of in-world adverts an unreasonable revenue source they have begun some other more resourceful options which are actually impressive and creative
Lemons Into Chinese VW Lemonade

Only because he’s been the singular most aversely effective ‘director’ to help turn the very idea of game-movies into such a joke, Uwe Boll is also getting some coverage, this time for seeking what he would likely deem reparations (if he knew the word) from one Billy Zane. The full scoop is in the link, and one of the more interesting bits is the fact that Uwe (if the story is to be believed) was losing money by the score just from the distribution deal itself. Kotaku has wisely brought back the fact that Billy Zane was the Phantom, and this should be held with the most serious consideration when thinking over this hot issue…
Uwe vs Zane – no Boxing Match Currently Planned

In news that will likely not be of interest to regular GNoI, but certainly of interest to me lonesome, and the actual near billions of Whovians, the first DoctorWho console game has been announced from Top Trumps and depending on its success may insure more titles down the line. For those that are not in the know, DoctorWho is a staple of the Brit pop-culture and the worlds longest running consecutive teley serial (40+yrs), which despite a hiatus from 1996, was revitalized in 2005 and then again in 2006 with a new version, new cast and new imagining of the series that has launched it once more as the single most popular cultural touch stone of the former Brit empire and related sovereignties.
Whovians Rejoice!

And here it is, to close out today’s GNoI, this here Tuesday edition, we bring you this wonderous moment of zenifaction, in zen we trust and in zen we go forward – today’s zen includes meteor impacts, LHC concerns and rebutes, and everyone’s fave TimeLord. Zen begins with due haste…. Now! ZEN!

Io9 seems to think, or at least report that the earth is due for a brush with a massive comet

The previously reported LHC (see previous GNoI moments of zen) now has a website for bothe concerns regarding the (now) upcoming June ‘launching’ of the world’s first ever, fully functioning LHC, as well as a rebuttal site from CERN


Since I gushed over the upcoming DoctorWho console game, I think it might be best to give some background for this staple of modern sci-fio/pop-culture/and western post-mod civ in generl. Behold the good doctor
Official BBC site

SciFi Channel (US) version

Full WIkipedia rundown

Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!


Sneaker Pimps – Roll On


It should be stated that APrilhead is great – in fact one of the single most wonderous persons ever to grace this disgruntled earth, and in the theme of this obviously heavy DoctorWho content’d GNoI, it should be known that APrilhead has supplied me with one of the most awesome media gifts ever… yes, it is that awesome… it is the DoctorWho Tennant Seasonn 2 Box Set! Viva La Tardis!

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  1. yeah who is Dr.Who…
    and anyway its amazing how much news you guys find…
    anyway i find take 2 sueing Chicago Transit very interesting (future lawyer)

  2. will pay $500.00 US to the best proposal that can reasonably prove 5% or less Risk of Planetary destruction from Micro Black Holes.

    The contest will conclude in a vote by site visitors on all reasonable proofs received, all proofs will be published and the contest will end not sooner than May 20th. (LHCConcerns will make the final call on best proposal that reasonably proves 5% or lower risk from micro black holes being created by the Large Hadron Collider).

    You may prove that ANY ONE of the following or provide any other reasonable Proof or method to prevent Micro Black Holes from being created by the Large Hadron Collider or prove that they are harmless!

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    5. Any form of cosmic ray argument that proves 5% risk or lower.
    6. Find a way to make the Large Hadron Collider safe from creating micro black holes (we already requested different speed collissions or different mass collisions, LSAG told us it was not possible, they already thought of it).

    It is harder than it looks, the LHC Safety Assessment Group (LSAG) could not produce a safety report… (CERN and LSAG are still using the 1999 RHIC safety report that does not even address what might happen if micro black holes were created, because they did not know that it was possible at that time. We are also being generous on the 2 billion years, we want to be reasonable)


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