Sometimes, not very often mind, a poor grasp of the English language can give one a moment of happiness…

For your consideration, the following visual delight is on display at Comics Should Be Good

New Captain America Puerto Rico

And the entire post is basically this question, “Why does Captain American have the Puerto Rican flag on his chest?”

And I direct you, dear readers, to comment numero five-o, wherein someone named Kevin Riddle answers the question with this truly inspired reply…

Probably because the costume reeks of suck.

I think that a fairly lengthy paper could be written on the nature of “reeking” and “sucking” and how those two states of existence pertain to comic book costumes…P.H.d here I come!

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11 thoughts on “Sometimes, not very often mind, a poor grasp of the English language can give one a moment of happiness…”

  1. it can relate to the kids more today, not wit but guns! a shield and courage is good but a shield and courage with a gun, now thats a message.

  2. The thing of it is that we don’t yet know who is in the suit. Being that steve rogers is dead and supposedly still in that state. So depending on who is in the suit may make the gun appropriate to them even if it makes no sense for captain america.

  3. I guess what I found most amusing is that the costume, like so many others on males of various series, points directly to the body part most do not wish others to concentrate on when armed.

    And the whole death of Captain America thing just phailed. That one of the last remaining greats of the ‘birth’ era, Joe Simon, was both around to see it and absolutely crushed by it, was also filled with phail. American comics need at least one character who isn’t interested in self-fulfilment, fame, or beating his personal demons to death (I’m the GODDAMN BATMAN and MY PARENTS ARE DEAD).

    But that’s just me.

  4. Whoa, whoa, whoa…let’s all just leave Batman out of this, alright? He’s not responsible for the Capt. America’s crap costume…plus, his parents really are dead, give a brotha a break!

  5. I’m just disappointed that Marvel felt they needed to get rid of Steve Rogers because of his “value system” not fitting with today’s standards. I always felt having Captain America be that way helped others show what we as a people should shoot for in the morals department.

  6. he did seem to be one of the few with some type of actual morals about his character but people dont read those comics, they simply look at the action panels and wonder about the parallel zombie characters they now are. the zombies are doing so well it makes me wonder why the readers relate so much to them.

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